There was a weekend several years ago which I can never forget. I was addicted to blogging that time. On an adventure tour to Disneyland and after that Chicago I broke my leg by dropping off from a bus trying to step with a coffee in hand that mistake of mine cost me a big fortune and almost two months in bed with a hospital costume that made me feel sick. I was fighting with the boredom almost a week in bed made me look horrible. Then a friend of mine Daniel Craig came to me at the hospital for seeing me, when I told him about all the boredom and shit life of me at that time he cracked some jokes and told me about his life experience.

He also showed me a game in his android mobile phone which was related to slots named flos diner. He also told me how he used to time pass with this game when he gets bored with his job life. I listened to him carefully because that week caused me so much boredom that even his rubbish talking was sounding pleasant to me. This game was very much good with fifty’s music and retro style atmosphere.it was a 3 reels, 1 payline pokey and the fabulous part of this slot game was a waitress who serves the player with yummy dishes.

The manuals were so much like any other I had to match the various food symbols to hit the jackpot. And its smooth, seamless character and graphics made it more desirable. I was a low roller and it was possible to bet minimum in this pokey.

Then the whole months I spent there in the hospital turn out to be the most enjoyable days of my past where I used to lie on a bed playing this slot all the time. I still admire Craig for that.